" Discrete Signal Processing"related to papers

Abstract:Traditional discrete quantity processing solutions have not met the requirements of the system miniaturization and high reliability because of applying the discrete device structures, which resulted in large volume, area, weight and low reliability, and BIT takes up more hardware resources. This paper puts forwards one solution of interfaces of the discrete quantity based on domestic self-development chips. The design of this solution is simple and flexible, integrated with functions such as self-text, redundancy, error check and fault isolation and so on. Besides, the solution has great advantages in power consumption, cost, area, and weight. So, the solution can be widely used in aviation electronics, industrial control and other area.

Abstract:Discrete output processing circuit avionics system is an important part of the basic circuit processing , has been with the development of integrated circuit design built from complex separation device transition to integrated , intelligent direction. In this paper, avionics systems discrete output interface circuit and principle of implementation, the first of discrete output circuits function and introduced, from the basic principles and the development process of discrete output interface processing circuits to achieve the various processing circuits and comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, and finally to the domestic HKA2330 chip, for example summarized the airborne avionics systems using integrated circuit processing discrete signal superiority.

Abstract:According to the large quantity of IC device, the huge weight, the high occupancy rate of board area and the low stability, the traditional discrete signal interfaces are no longer able to meet requirement which aviation airborne system request for miniaturization, integration and high reliability. In this paper, a discrete quantity input interface chip based on the port active leakage, SCR structure port protection circuit and error isolation is designed to enhance the reliability of data. The weight and size of this chip are reduce to 0.5 percent of the traditional circuit and the power consumption is only 0.7 percent of the traditional circuit. It effectively solve problem of the aviation airborne system during the process of collecting the discrete signa miniaturization, integration and reliability issues.

Abstract:With the development of microelectronics technology , as an important part of modern electronics control systems , discrete input interface processing circuit from the traditional discrete components to build a more complex circuit is gradually developing towards the direction of a simple and reliable integrated circuits . This paper begins with the basic functions of discrete input circuit are introduced , then the course of development of discrete input interface processing circuit implementation and the advantages and disadvantages of various processing circuit were analyzed and compared , and finally to the domestic HKA03201 chip , for example summarized the airborne avionics systems using integrated circuit processing discrete signal of superiority.

Abstract:The dispersed quantity processing circuit is important basic components in the field of electronic control. The dispersed quantity processing circuits are also gradually to miniaturization, high integration, intelligent direction, with the development of microelectronics technology. This paper introduce the dispersed quantities firstly, compare the discrete quantity processing circuit development present situation at home and abroad, discuss the future trend of development on dispersed quantity processing circuit according to the actual development needs.