" FC Network Technology"related to papers

Abstract:FC network is a new pattern of technology of high speed communication and a new generation of first choice of integrated avionics system for communication network. FC network technology of domestic airborne lacks of a complete technology system. It is particularly important to develop a complete set of application solution of FC network technology. This paper introduces a scheme of solution of FC network technology. It details the constructing principle and application equipment of FC network system, introduces the application equipments of core network that include FC switches, FC node machine and transmission medium, and application equipments of network configuration which contain FC network configuration tool, FC protocol analysis, data collection, record, simulation, etc. It supports and promotes our country the development of a new generation of airborne FC network technology.

Abstract:Fiber channel audio and video defines the method of transmission which FC network transmits in fiber channel, provides a standard of interface for the interconnection between the video equipment and represents the development trend of video information transmission technology in the avionics system. The video transmission and presentation module of FC-AV is the core and foundation of the transmission demonstration system which is used for the construction of the demonstration system based on the FC-AV agreement. The paper analysis the construction of system of FC-AV transmission and demonstration, introduces a core module of transmission and demonstration which includes a multi-resolution video input information collection, the organization of container system, data frame transmission of FC encapsulation and multi-resolution transmission demonstration video output information. This article verifies the method based on optical fiber channel image information and provides the reference and solutions for the construction of the transmission system based on FC-AV the agreement.

Abstract:With the development of the aviation electronic technology, and improving the reliability of product, reducing the system′s weight, volume, power consumption and so on, has become a trend of the current design. But the traditional FC-ASM based on the emulation way of FPGA which has big plate area, high power consumption, low reliability and poor universality cannot satisfy the requirement of miniaturization high reliability. This paper proposes an implementation scheme of FC-ASM simulation card based on the independent research and development of the SoC. The design is simple and flexible, integrates FC-AE-ASM protocol communications, equipment management, system management, and other function. At the same time, because of its low power consumption, low cost and the advantages of the light weight, it is now widely used in ground simulation equipment and laboratory environment.

Abstract:On the basis of in-depth study and analysis of the FC network protocol, this paper proposes development scheme which adopts to a mixed-signal SoC design technology realize the FC-AE-ASM protocol processing chip, details the chip architecture design, working principle and technical advantages. The chip was embedded microprocessors, FC-AE-ASM protocol processing engine, high speed switching string and SerDes, PCIe/RapidIO host interface, cooperating with the host processor can complete FC equipment management, communication management, clock synchronization, network management, and other functions and provides external memory interface and the JTAG debug interface.After a multi-angle validation show, the chip function, stable performance can greatly reduce the power consumption of the system, reduce the system volume, improve the system integration.

Abstract:Fiber channel(FC) is a communication protocol that was designed in order to meet the requirements of data transmission. It meets the standardization of system structure and adapts to high speed, large, reliable, effective information communication and processing request, so FC has been widely used in a new generation of electronic systems. Based on the demands of avionics systems for aviation electronic networks, this paper introduces the origin and development of the FC, the protocol layering model of FC, FC frame format and the way of error handling and redundancy management supported by FC network transmission and deeply analyzes the network topology structure and characteristics based on FC protocol, further shows the trend of the development of FC network, and provides a theoretical basis to construct network and network communication based on optical fiber channel technology.