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Abstract:In switch reluctance motor(SRM) speed control system(SRD), the fraction order proportional integral(PI) speed closed-loop control system was designed based on conventional PI control. Fractional integral was used in speed loop and current loop. Fractional order calculus has the characteristics of extended stability region of system parameter and good time domain and frequency domain which was introduced into nonlinear SRD. By using bilinear transformation in direct discrete method, continuous fractional order integral is discretized, the result of which was approximately extended using continued fraction to obtain the digital fractional order integral operation. Simulation model of three-phase 6/4 poles SRM speed control system was established in MATLAB/Simulink. The result of simulation research proved the effectiveness of this method.

Abstract:This paper discusses the new 1 200V/10 A SPM?誖 smart power module. It is fully optimized intelligent integrated IGBT inverter module that offers good thermal performance and reliable characteristics for industrial fan motor applications. It utilizes newly developed NPT trench IGBT with the advanced STEALTHTM freewheeling diode, and built-in bootstrap diode. HVICs, multi-function LVIC, and built-in thermistor provide good reliable characteristics for the entire system. This module also takes technical advantage of DBC substrate for the better thermal performance.