" 5G Slicing Technology and Its Applications"related to papers

Abstract:The power system promotes the construction of a strong smart grid and a ubiquitous power Internet of Things, making full use of modern information and communication technologies to support the evolution of traditional power grids to the energy Internet. In recent years, network slicing has received widespread attention from researchers, and it is not only a technology but also a new business model, which has attracted broad interest of researchers. Based on above background, in this paper, several typical user cases for smart grid are introduced firstly. In addition, we present the E2E business models and steps to implement network slicing for operators. Besides, the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) and Return on Investment(ROI) of Network Slicing are also analyzed in Smart Grids for Operators.

Abstract:5G network slicing has received widespread attention in the vehicular network industry, and the development and evolution of various scenarios of vehicle-road collaboration also reflect that 5G applications are gradually deepening. In this paper, the development process of vehicle-road collaboration and the network performance requirements are analyzed firstly. Then we present the system architecture of vehicle-road collaboration. Subsequently, implementation cases and specific processes are given out, including network slicing creation process, scheduling system for slice resources. Finally, the key technologies of network slicing to ensure the vehicle-road collaboration security are introduced.

Abstract:5G network slicing supports three major service scenarios including enhanced mobile broadband(eMBB), ultra-reliable low-latency communication(uRLLC), and massive machine-type communication(mMTC). It can share physical resources and ensure the isolation requirements between slices. Network slicing features,such as on-demand customization, real-time deployment, and dynamic guarantee,enable network flexibility, but make network management and operation more complex and challenging. Artificial intelligence(AI) technology is a potential solution to the complexity of network slice management. Therefore, this article will study the integration of AI and network slice management, propose an AI-based intelligent slice management architecture, introduce the intelligent slice management processes in detail, and present some typical application cases.

Abstract:Network slicing is one of the hot technologies in 5G, and the flexibility and timeliness of slicing management are important issues in deployment. Based on the introduction of the creation and management mechanism of 5G network slices, this paper proposes a network slice management architecture based on the openness of 5G network capabilities, and discusses the optimization process of network slice parameters and typical application scenarios.The timeliness advantage of 5G capability opening will greatly enhance the flexibility of network slice management and ensure the user′s business experience.