Special Column-Terahertz Technology and Its Application

Progresses towards the application of terahertz technologies


Author:Wu Shuai,Qu Hao,Tu Hao,Feng Hui

Author Affilications:Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co.,Ltd.,Hefei 230088,China

Abstract:Science and technologies based on terahertz radiation have developed rapidly over the recent decades, which inspires the application attempts and research of terahertz technologies in several fields. Compared with the microwave or infrared waves, terahertz waves are of higher frequencies and lower photon energy. A variety of dielectrics are transparent with the terahertz radiation. Status and progresses in the field of terahertz communication, biological and medical application, non-destructive testing, and defense and security imaging are discussed in this work, as well as the challenges for real-life applications.
Key word:
terahertz communication
biomedical science
non-destructive testing
security scanning

Review of terahertz gradient metasurface


Author:Kou Wei1,Chen Ting1,Yang Ziqiang1,Liang Shixiong2

Author Affilications:1.College of Electronic Science and Engineering,University of Electronic Science and Technology,Chengdu 610054,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Integrated Circuits,the Thirteenth Research Institute of China Electronic Science and Technology Corporation, Shijiazhuang 050051,China

Abstract:Metasurface, a novel artificial electromagnetic material, its thickness is much smaller than the wavelength. By regulating the interaction between the sub-wavelength unit structure and the electromagnetic wave, the wave will undergo a phase or amplitude mutation after passing through the metasurface, so as to realize the regulation of the propagation direction, waveform and polarization mode of the electromagnetic wave. Compared with 3D metamaterials, the metasurface not only inherits the original ability of the electromagnetic wave manipulation, but also has the advantages of low loss, thin thickness and easy integration, thus attracting the attention of researchers all over the world. Terahertz metasurface devices show great potential in planar meta-lenses, vortex beams, digital coded metasurface and holographic imaging, etc. In this review, the phase control principle of the metasurface is analyzed, the characteristics and applications of several kinds of important metasurface devices are summarized, and the challenges in the future and the direction of further development of the metasurface are prospected.
Key word:
phase control

A 300 GHz balanced doubler based on planar Schottky diodes


Author:Zhang Lisen,Liang Shixiong,Yang Dabao,Xu Peng,Song Xubo,Lv Yuanjie,Feng Zhihong

Author Affilications:National Key Laboratory of Application Specific Integrated Circuit,Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute,Shijiazhuang 050051,China

Abstract:The structure and dimension of Schottky diode were designed. The loss at high frequency was reduced using a quasi-whisker contacted anode structure by a metal finger akin to an air bridge. The nonlinear model of Schottky anode and three dimensional electromagnetic(EM) model were established respectively according to the measured data and structure of Schottky diode. The diodes were placed in waveguide using balanced circuit design. The EM mode orthogonality ensured very good input and output signal isolation, which simplified the circuit structure and reduced the circuit loss. A 300 GHz doubler was designed and fabricated successfully. The efficiency is higher than 5% at 312~319 GHz with a peak efficiency of 10.1% at 316 GHz. The output power is higher than 4 mW at 307~318 GHz with a peak output power of 8.7 mW at 316 GHz. The diodes are replaced by one with higher doping concentration. The peak efficiency is 13.7% and the peak output power is 11.8 mW which reaches the similar level of reported doublers. The results proved the ability of Schottky diode working at high frequency.
Key word:
Schottky diodes

Research progress on terahertz integrated power amplifier


Author:Han Jiangan1,2,Cheng Xu1,2

Author Affilications:1.Microsystem & Terahertz Research Center,China Academy of Engineering Physics,Chengdu 610299,China; 2.Institute of Electronic Engineering,China Academy of Engineering Physics,Mianyang 621900,China

Abstract:In this paper, the current development status and bottleneck problems of terahertz science and technology are presented. The emphasis of discussion is on research progress of the core component in terahertz circuits, monolithic integrated power amplifier. According to the kinds of base material in integrated circuit(IC) design, compound including InP and GaAs terahertz amplifier IC are compared with those made by silicon including bulk CMOS and SiGe. Basing on this category standard by material, the performances of terahertz amplifier IC are analyzed and concluded in the aspects of circuit topology and specifications.
Key word:
integrated circuit
power amplifier

Regulation of the transmission characteristics of terahertz metamaterials based on CS2


Author:Shi Yilin1,Yang Suying2,Gao Yachen1

Author Affilications:1.College of Electronic Engineering,Heilongjiang University,Harbin 150080,China; 2.Physics Group,Chaoyang Medical School,Chaoyang 122000,China

Abstract:At present, optically controlled terahertz band metamaterials are mainly realized by changing the carrier concentration of semiconductor materials with laser. The composite lifetime of semiconductor materials is generally in nanosecond order, which limits the controlling time. Compared with semiconductor materials, CS2 has a fast light response time of about 1.68 ps and large optical nonlinearity. Based on the structure of sub-wavelength periodic metal block arrays, a strategy to adjust terahertz transmission of metamaterials using CS2 is proposed. Specifically, the control of terahertz wave transmission in this structure is studied by finite difference time domain(FDTD).
Key word:
tunable metamaterials
terahertz transmission
finite difference time domain method

Review and Comment

A survey of image stylization algorithms based on deep learning


Author:Huang Haixin,Liang Zhixu,Zhang Dong

Author Affilications:College of Automation and Electrical Engineering,Shenyang Ligong University,Shenyang 110159,China

Abstract:With the advent of the “artificial intelligence” era, the term “deep learning” has gradually entered the public′s field of vision. Some image processing methods based on deep learning neural networks have also emerged. Image stylization as an important branch has also gained widespread attention. At present, researchers have proposed a lot of image stylization algorithms based on deep learning, and they can accomplish stylized tasks well. This paper comprehensively summarizes the progress of deep learning in the field of image stylization, compares the advantages and disadvantages of different algorithms, and finally discusses the limitations of current image stylization research based on deep learning and future research directions.
Key word:
image stylization
deep learning
neural networks
image processing

Artificial Intelligence

A multi-instance multi-label improved algorithm based on semi-supervised learning


Author:Li Cunhe1,Zhang Zhenkai1,Zhu Hongbo2

Author Affilications:1.School of Computer and Communication Engineering,China University of Petroleum,Qingdao 266580,China; 2.Shanghai Nokia Bell Co.,Ltd.,Qingdao Branch fn Department,Qingdao 266100,China

Abstract:The multi-instance multi-label learning framework is a new machine learning framework for solving ambiguity problems. In the multi-instance multi-label learning framework, an object is represented by a set of examples and is associated with a set of category labels. The E-MIMLSVM+ algorithm is a classical classification algorithm that uses degenerate ideas in the multi-instance multi-label learning framework. It can′t use unlabeled samples to learn and cause poor generalization ability. This paper uses semi-supervised support vector machine to implement the algorithm. The improved algorithm can use a small number of labeled samples and a large number of unlabeled samples to learn, which helps to discover the hidden structure information inside the sample set and understand the true distribution of the sample set. It can be seen from the comparison experiment that the improved algorithm effectively improve the generalization performance of the classifier.
Key word:
machine learning
multi-instance multi-label
generalization performance

Microelectronic Technology

Design of high reliability and high speed programmable asynchronous FIFO


Author:Niu Bo,Zhao Hongliang

Author Affilications:School of Physics,Liaoning University,Shenyang 110036,China

Abstract:Based on the research of a domestic field programmable gate array(FPGA) chip, an asynchronous first input first output(FIFO) circuit structure with high reliability, high speed and programmability is proposed. By adding the full/empty warning threshold and the full/empty state bit, the programmability of the proposed asynchronous FIFO is improved. Meanwhile, the reliability of the circuit is improved by using the Gray code pointer for comparation. On this basis, a new criterion for judging the full/empty state is proposed, which is applied to further improve the system working speed and logic utilization. Based on the United Microelectronics Corporation(UMC) 28 nm standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor(CMOS) process, the circuit design is carried out by fully customized method. The simulation results show that the proposed asynchronous FIFO has a maximum operating frequency of 666.6 MHz and an average power consumption of 7.1 mW at 1 V standard voltage.
Key word:
asynchronous FIFO
full/empty warning threshold
Gray code pointer
full/empty judgment

BOD circuit of low cost and high reliability based on deep submicron


Author:Zhang Menghua,Xue Haiwei,Yu Zongguang,Zhang Ji,Chen Zhenjiao

Author Affilications:China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.58 Research Institute,Wuxi 214072,China

Abstract:In MCU and other application systems, the system power supply voltage is often under-voltage or unexpectedly power-off, resulting in the MCU program “run away” or loss of important data. In order to avoid these situations as far as possible, the brown-out detection circuit can detect the abnormal power supply of the system, so as to improve the anti-interference ability and stability of the system. In this paper, a brown-out detection circuit based on 180 nm technology is proposed, which has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable operation and small layout area. It can be integrated into MCU and other microprocessors to monitor the power supply voltage of the system, reduce the peripheral devices of the system and reduce the system cost. The circuit structure can be easily migrated to other process nodes, and has good process migration characteristics and wide application.
Key word:
brown-out detect
brown-out protection
power-on reset
brown-out reset

A hardware implementation circuit of pipelined SHA256 based on data storage


Author:Chen Zhenjiang1,Zhang Yin1,Zhang Zhiwen1,Lu Shi1,Liu Jiuyang2,Wan Meilin1,Dai Kui2

Author Affilications:1.Faculty of Physics and Electronic Technology,Hubei University,Wuhan 430060,China; 2.School of Optical and Electronic Information,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430062,China

Abstract:A new method to realize full-pipelined SHA256 based on data storage is proposed. For the full-pipelined SHA256, only A and E need to be calculated each time when the status registers of the data compressor are updated, while B-D and F-H can be obtained directly from A-C and E-G of the previous round. Since A and E will no longer be used after they have been transmitted forward for four stages, the life cycles of each stage′s A and E are both 4 clock cycles. For the traditional pipeline structure, all status registers which are used to store A-H will be updated at the same time, which hence introduce a large dynamic power. Therefore, in order to reduce the numbers of registers, and then reduce the dynamic power of registers, this paper proposes a storage scheme, which uses latches to store each stage′s A and E. When the latter stage needs to use A and E of previous stage, it selects A and E stored in the latches of previous stages using MUXs. Therefore, only the values of two sets of latches(A and E) will update per stage, which can reduce the dynamic power consumption of the circuit. In the proposed scheme, latch is used instead of flip-flop as a storage unit, and data is selected by using MUXs which are composed of transfer gates. The proposed scheme is realized and verified using a 28 nm process, the simulation results show that when compared with traditional structure, the power consumption of the pipelined SHA256 using data storage scheme is reduced by about 27.5%, and the area is reduced by about 49.2%.
Key word:

SRAM based FPGA system capable of runtime fault tolerance and recovery


Author:Xu Weijie1,Xie Yongle2,Peng Libiao2,Shen Beichen3

Author Affilications:1.School of Information Engineering,Chang′an University,Xi′an 710064,China; 2.School of Automation Engineering,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,Chengdu 611731,China; 3.College of Software Engineering,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610207,China

Abstract:In order to enhance the reliability of electronic system working in radiation environment, a reliability enhanced SRAM based FPGA system with runtime fault recovery is presented in this work. Coarse-grained TMR architecture and fine-grained TMR architecture are proposed to achieve the ability of fault tolerance. Fine-grained fault detection units are inserted in each redundancy module to mask the faulty module. The technique of partial dynamic reconfiguration is used to repair the faulty module without interrupting other parts of the system。The scheme is implemented in Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, and the results show that the improvements in recovery time and reliability are achieved by the proposed technique.
Key word:
fault tolerance
fault recovery
dynamic reconfiguration

Measurement Control Technology and Instruments

Research on accuracy and reliability enhancement method of weapon fire-control system based on MDP theory


Author:Feng Nan1,Zhang Li2

Author Affilications:1.92941 Army 41 Unit,Huludao 125000,China;2.61905 Army,Shenyang 110000,China

Abstract:Precision of fire-control system is a very important index of tactics and technique, but reliability of inertial navigation system is very important to ensure precision of fire-control system, while redundancy technique is powerful ensure to promote.Model for Markov decision process of optimization of redundancy degree of inertial navigation unit(INU) is established and verified through simulation by MATLAB, and it is presented that using policy iteration algorithm is practical and rational. Simulation results show that the above established model will be competent for design target, and materials presented in this paper have engineering value for design of redundant inertial navigation unit.
Key word:
fire-control system
redundancy degree
Markov decision process

Design and implementation of multi-channel serial communication interface based on TMS320C6748


Author:Yang Qingguo,Chen Jun,Xiao Guilin

Author Affilications:Hunan Vanguard Group Co.,Ltd.,Changsha 410100,China

Abstract:In the embedded flight control system,to meet it′s miniaturization and integration,it needs to control multi-serial ports to communicate with external equipments. TMS320C6748 is used to be a processor, which interfaces to TL16C754 by DSP′s EMIF,enlarges multi-selective signals to make use of 74LS138,and achieves multi-serial ports communication function with TL16C754. The driver is designed with the real-time operating system SYS/BIOS,which minishes design difficulty, and cuts empolder period. The test results show that the design method can achieve complete reception of multi-channel data, and the data transmission is complete and reliable.
Key word:
multi-channel serial communication interface

Design of high-definition video acquisition system based on FPGA


Author:Wang Shaobin,Su Shujing,Yuan Caiyuan

Author Affilications:National Key Laboratory for Electronic Measurement Technology,North University of China,Taiyuan 030051,China

Abstract:With the rapid development of multimedia display and transmission technology, a full HD(resolution 1 920×1 080) video acquisition and display system based on HDMI interface is designed. The system uses 5 million pixel level CMOS camera OV5640 as front-end data source, and can gather full HD video signal, and uses Xilinx spartan6 series FPGA as control chip. In order to solve the drag-down phenomenon caused by the shortage of high speed and large capacity video data cache capacity and speed, the system adopts a piece of DDR3 SDRAM with 4 Gbit capacity of Micron company as buffer medium, and combines ping-pong operation. It can solve the cache problem of high speed and large capacity data. In this system, SIL9134 of Silion Image Company is chosen as the HDMI interface chip, which can effectively support the output of full HD video signal. The system can be applied to the fields of military monitoring system , civil multimedia system and medicine.
Key word:
smear phenomenon
full HD

Communication and Network

Research on sub-array LCMV cyclic optimization adaptive beamforming algorithm


Author:Xiao Yutong,Zhou Yuanping,Xiao Jun,Zhou Xin

Author Affilications:School of Electronic & Information Engineering,Sichuan University,Chengdu 610065,China

Abstract:In this paper, based on the traditional LCMV beamformer and sub-array space partial adaptive array, a novel dimensionality reduction method is proposed. Firstly, the large-scale array is divided into several groups of sub-arrays according to a certain rule of sub-array division, and each group of sub-arrays uses the same weight. In the process of weight optimization, each time only a part of the weight vector is updated, the system search obtains the optimal weight through multiple iterations, which avoids the inversion of the full-dimensional correlation matrix. The experimental results show that compared with the traditional method, this method can obtain higher signal to interference and noise ratio and reduce the dimensionality of the inversion matrix in large-scale array beamforming, which reduces the computational complexity and hardware cost to a certain extent.
Key word:
large scale array
LCMV algorithm
partial adaptive array processing
loop iteration

A memory reduced Turbo code decoding architecture design and FPGA implementation


Author:Zeng Jie,Zhan Ming,Luo Xiaohong,Yang Chao,Deng Yi,Wang Meng

Author Affilications:College of Electronic and Information Engineering,Southwest University,Chongqing 400715,China

Abstract:In order to satisfy the high-performance and low-power dissipation requirement in wireless communication, this paper proposes a low storage capacity and low-power dissipation Turbo decoder architecture based on the reverse recalculation and linear estimation by changing the storage method of the forward state metric, while the FPGA implementation structure is given. The results show that compared with the existing Turbo code decoder, the decoding structure designed in this paper reduces the storage capacity to 65%, and the decoding performance is close to the Log-MAP algorithm. In particular, compared with the traditional decoder architecture, dynamic storage capacity power dissipation is reduced by about 50%, and the overall power dissipation of the decoder architecture is decreased by 4.97%, 8.78%, 11.93%, 14.18% and 14.65% at the frequency of 25 MHz,50 MHz,75 MHz,100 MHz and 125 MHz, respectively.
Key word:
low-power dissipation
wireless communication
Turbo code
FPGA implementation
Log-MAP algorithm

Analysis and design of Minkowski-like fractal antennas


Author:Tang Zhen,Wang Lixin,Tang Tianyu

Author Affilications:School of Communication Engineering,Hangzhou Dianzi University,Hangzhou 310018,China

Abstract:In order to achieve that an antenna works in ISM2.4G(2.4~2.483 5 GHz), Bluetooth,GPS,WLAN(2.4~2.48 GHz) and other multi-frequency band at the same time,the Minkowski fractal microstrip antenna based on the fractal theory is designed, and the original Minkowski fractal structure and ground plate are improved. Through simulation analysis and optimization design, the antenna size is reduced to 90 mm×71 mm×1.6 mm, the resonance frequency is 2 GHz, working in the frequency band of 0.93 GHz~3.02 GHz, the relative bandwidth is 105.82%, and the maximum gain can reach 1.89 dB. Finally, the antenna can carry out good impedance matching, and the bandwidth of the antenna is broadened to meet the requirements of the UWB antenna.
Key word:
Minkowski-like fractal antenna
high gain

The research of access control application based on encryption in private cloud environment


Author:Yang Haopu,Liu Jiguang,Shen Bin

Author Affilications:Unit 92493 of PLA,Huludao 125000,China

Abstract:As the extensive use of cloud computing technology, the security of cloud data raises more attention,especially in some private cloud areas like government, bank, enterprise and army. Based on this background, this paper focuses on the research of cipher text-based access control technology in private cloud environment. Firstly, the traditional theory and typical models of access control technology are introduced. Then, the special features of access control technology applying in private cloud environment are analyzed. Based on that, the application program of encryption-based access control in private cloud and the application process are proposed.
Key word:
cloud computing
cloud security
encryption structure
access control

Computer Technology and Its Applications

A method to protect industrial data based on blockchain technology


Author:Zhang Jinlong1,2,Zhao Dezheng2,Han Qingmin1

Author Affilications:1.National Computer System Engineering Research Institute of China,Beijing 100083,China; 2.Intelligence Technology of CEC Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100083,China

Abstract:With the development of the Internet, date of industry has gradually formed the trend of integration with the Internet, and the security problem is also prominent, which is mainly manifested in data collection, storage, transmission, application and other links, such as data disclosure and data being tampered with risk. This paper presents a method of security protection for large industrial data based on block chain technology. A unique ID is allocated to each machine in the factory, and all data of the ID are stored by IPFS technology, and the encrypted cipher text encrypted by the device ID and its data index is saved to the block chain to formed the only and untampered account book of the whole network. It ensures the security of data in all aspects.
Key word:
block chain
industrial data
data security

Design and application of logistics support command and control system based on discretionary security technology


Author:Wei Jianfang,Zhang Ruiquan,Yu Yaoyao

Author Affilications:National Computer System Engineering Research Institute of China,Beijing 100083,China

Abstract:At present, the localization of discretionary security technology has been gradually applied in the field of military command system. This paper designs and implements an autonomous andsafe logistic support command system for localized production, including the design and adaptation of the localized hardware platform, and the design and implementation of command and control software system based on localized software and hardware platform. In the design process of the localized production hardware platform, the development status of localized computing, storage and communication equipment,and type selection design in the system are analyzed. In the design of command and control software system, firstly, the software of the basic platform is analyzed, then,the system is designed and implemented in data access layer and display layer by C/S structure and B/S structure respectively, the adaptability of Qt development framework and B/S structure in domestic hardware and software platform is verified. The design and implementation of this system will play a pioneer role in the large-scale application and systematic construction of key localized hardware and software in military information.
Key word:
fully localization
discretionary security technology
command and control system
localized hardware platform

Study of joint indoor positioning algorithm based on UWB


Author:Li Guoyou,Song Chengquan,Meng Yan

Author Affilications:School of Electrical Engineering,Yanshan University,Qinhuangdao 066000,China

Abstract:Aiming at the problem of large measurement error in UWB indoor positioning system, a solution based on two-way time-of-flight ranging method to reduce clock offset error is proposed. Aiming at the motion characteristics of static and dynamic nodes to be tested, this scheme proposes a joint algorithm by detecting the motion state of the nodes to be tested. The static positioning uses the least squares estimation method to obtain the node coordinates and simulates by MATLAB. The coordinate position of the node is displayed. For the dynamic tracking problem, the least square method cannot accurately estimate the node position due to factors such as object occlusion and motion trajectory. For this problem, the extended Kalman filter algorithm is used to track and predict the position of the node to be tested, thus improving positioning effect. The simulation results show that the static positioning error can be controlled within 6%, and the dynamic tracking algorithm is relatively statically positioned and the accuracy is improved by 20%. Experiments show that the algorithm is reliable and effective, and meets the basic needs of indoor positioning.
Key word:
ultra width-band
two way-time of flight
indoor positioning
extended Kalman filter

Recognition of breast tumor based on gray level co-occurrence matrix and BP neural network


Author:Nie Xiong1,2,Chen Hua1,2,Wu Silin1

Author Affilications:1.School of Computer,Electronics and Information,Guangxi University,Nanning 530004,China; 2.Guangxi Key Laboratory of Multimedia Communication and Network Technology,Nanning 530004,China

Abstract:Breast tumor is a kind of woman′s disease with high incidence rate, it is also a kind of disease that can be diagnosed early and treated early. Thus the mortality rate could be reduced. The method of combining grey symbiotic matrix with BP neural network is proposed to improve the recognition rate of breast tumors. Firstly, the infrared breast image was pretreated to highlight the texture of lesions and blood vessels, and the texture features of such gray-scale curve images of the breast were extracted by using the gray co-occurrence matrix. Then, the sample data were trained through BP neural network. The trained BP neural network could effectively identify the lesion area. The experimental results show that the method presented in this paper has good recognition effect on the breast tumor lesion area.
Key word:
breast tumor
gray scale co-occurrence matrix
BP neural network

Embedded Technology

Design of a loudspeaker spider compliance measuring system based on STM32


Author:Li Weiliang,Xiao Hui,Fang Pengfei

Author Affilications:School of Physics and Technology,Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072,China

Abstract:Aiming at the problems of inaccurate judgment of linear range and the inability to measure dynamically of traditional compliance measuring instrument of loudspeaker spider,a spider compliance measurement system based on STM32 was designed. In the hardware design, the function of auto-measurement was realized by motion control circuit and data acquisition circuit, and a low voltage ripple DC voltage regulator was used to make the sampling result more accurate. In the part of the software design, the sliding mean filter algorithm was used to reduce the output error, the least square algorithm was used to improve the fitting goodness, and the linear approximation was used to obtain the linear range of the spider. The experiments show that the resolution of the system is high, the compliance curve and the linear range of the spider can be obtained accurately.
Key word:
sliding mean filter
least square method

Design of communication system for ocean expendable sound velocity meter(XSV)


Author:Fan Hanbai1,Liu Bingyue1,Wu Fei1,Li Ruiqi2

Author Affilications:1.School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,North China Electric Power University,Baoding 071000,China; 2.State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company Information and Communication Company,Lanzhou 730050,China

Abstract:A communication system based on the ocean expendable sound velocity(XSV) was designed and implemented. The 2DPSK signal was used as the transmission signal, and the single double-stranded enameled wire was used as the communication channel. The high voltage bias circuit, amplification filter circuit and software demodulation algorithm of the demodulation circuit are designed. Compared with the traditional communication system, the system does not use the demodulation circuit based on FPGA or other demodulation chip, but fully utilizes the advantage of the core processor STM32F407 to achieve high frequency, complete data demodulation and data upload on the chip. The function simplifies the circuit and facilitates measurement. The demodulated data was analyzed through experiments. The test results show that the design of the communication system is feasible and reliable, and meets the requirements for communication quality in complex marine environments.
Key word:
communication systems

Design of standardized universal simulation test platform for onboard solid state memory controllers


Author:Zhang Weidong1,2,3,Dong Zhenxing1,2,Zhu Yan1,2,An Junshe1,2

Author Affilications:1.Key Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technology for Space Systems,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190,China; 2.National Space Sciences Center,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100190,China; 3.University of Chinese Academy of Science,Beijing 100190,China

Abstract:The increasing functionality and complexity of electronic systems places higher demands on the efficiency of system verification tests. The traditional satellite test platform is customized according to the specific model task. Its design and development cycle is long, and the comprehensive cost is difficult to adapt to the current task requirements. To this end, this paper proposes a general simulation test platform architecture for on-board solid-state storage controller based on System Verilog. It uses a hierarchical model internally, and the signal interface uses APB bus standard uniformly. It can be configured by testing the platform data source and format to adapt to onboard solid-state storage controllers of different capacities, different rates and different configurations. Experiments show that the test platform designed in this paper has certain versatility, which can effectively save test time and improve test coverage compared with traditional test platform.
Key word:
solid state memory controllers
test platform
System Verilog

An optimum design of frequency domain processing for image deblurring system


Author:Li Jingjing,Liu Yunfei

Author Affilications:Institute of Information Science and Technology,Nanjing Forestry University,Nanjing 210037,China

Abstract:In practical applications, it is difficult to make blurred images clear in spatial domain. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the image in frequency domain and implement image deblurring in frequency domain. When using the development platform of FPGA, image processing is realized by pure hardware, which has strong real-time performance, but consumes too much resources and low execution efficiency. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a design scheme of combining hardware and software, which uses DE1-SoC development board as hardware platform, configures Frame Reader, SDRAM, mixer, frequency domain conversion module in FPGA, and maps them to HPS. HPS accesses SDARM using HPS-FPGA bus, and obtains the spectrum of blurred image. In HPS, it uses Linux C programming to estimate the scale and angle for blurred image spectrum, namely PSF, and restores it with classical restoration algorithm to realize blind deblurring. The system uses base 2-DIT-FFT to convert the rows and columns of images in frequency domain. Compared with the inherent IP core and general frequency domain conversion module, the system improves the image quality and reduces the consumption of hardware resources.
Key word:
frequency domain conversion