Special Column-RF and Microwave

The development and application of plane wave generator in 5G


Author:Wang Zhengpeng,Qiao Zhaolong,Zhang Yusheng,Sun Xuelei,Zhu Shiyao,Xie Yongjun,Miao Jungang

Author Affilications:Beijing Key Laboratory of Microwave Sensing and Security Applications,Beihang University,Beijing 100191,China

Abstract:The plane wave generator(PWG) is a novel measurement system for 5G over the air(OTA) testing. A quasi plane wave in the near-filed is synthesized by exciting the antenna elements in the PWG array gracefully. The PWG system does not only meet the requirements of traditional passive antenna measurement, the radio frequency(RF) parameters as well as system performance of the base station(BS) can be accurately measured in the same system. The application superiority of the PWG system is the spacing saving ability, resulting in a significant cost saving, which prompt it to become an alternative solution of the traditional conducted measurement technology. In this paper, the developing history, the design process and typical scenarios in 5G application of the PWG system are proposed.
Key word:
plane wave generator
over the air testing

Design of 3D SiP microsystems for X-band receive


Author:Fu Hao,Liu Dexi,Zhu Dalong,Qi Weiwei

Author Affilications:Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry,Beijing 100094,China

Abstract:Aiming at the design requirements of miniaturization and modularization of X-band multi-wave phased array components, this paper designs a SiP receiving module combining multi-chip module technology and microwave millimeter wave high-density vertical interconnection technology. Using HFSS to optimize the design of the semi-open quasi-coaxial structure, and using the three-dimensional layout of the double sided multi-cavity, the ML-SL-SL-CPWG and ML-SL-CPWG were designed as the no-lead pins for the X-band receiving SiP module. Receiver component gain≥32.8 dB, noise figure≤3.0 dB. And the module volume is only 12.5 mm×15 mm×5.4 mm,which is 63% area smaller and 76% volume smaller than the original two-dimensional planar system. At the same time, modular design has great advantages in system application.
Key word:
receiving components
system in package

An agile high input impedance RF choke for on-chip power distribution network


Author:Zhang Zhiwen,Wang Cexing,Su Tao

Author Affilications:School of Electronics and Information Technology,Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou 510006,China

Abstract:Chokes in integrated circuits and system in packages are used between power grids and active devices. It can maintain DC biasing and RF isolation of active circuit, and its topological structure should match power network structure. In this paper, a wedge-shaped choke is proposed to solve the problem of complicated shape, complicated design procedure and difficulty in embedding power network of conventional RF choke. Its topological structure is similar to strip power grid. The choke consists of an outer arm and an internal rail whose location can be determined by stop-band frequency. The choke exhibits high input impedance in the stop-band once the flare angle of outer arms is at an appropriate value. The design idea is validated by HFSS electromagnetic field simulation. The prototype of the choke is fabricated using printed circuit technology. Both simulation and measurement prove the effectiveness of the choke. Its structure and design process are simple, and it can be easily embedded in IC chip. Even digital engineers can easily implement it.
Key word:
band-stop filter
high impedance
integrated circuits
agile design

Research and design of wideband communication radar integrated superheterodyne receiver based on CBB architecture


Author:Ma Song

Author Affilications:Southwest China Institute of Electronic Technlogy,Chengdu 610036,China

Abstract:A new research and design method based on CBB for integrated wideband communication radar superheterodyne receivers is proposed in this paper, aiming to provide a fast and efficient design method for multi-purpose receiver design. Seven common basic blocks have been established in the proposed method. Each block is responsible for part of the functions of a receiver. Respective product libraries for the seven common basic blocks have been built through serial development and production based on their respective characteristics. During a superheterodyne receiver design, we can just select several proper CBB from the library according to the technical requirements and combine them to complete the corresponding receiver. This can simplify system engineering, reduce repetitive development, shorten the development cycle, improve product maturity and facilitate testing and maintenance of the equipment.
Key word:
integrated communication radar

Special Column-5G Indoor Coverage Technology

Research on clock synchronization schemes of 5G home cell


Author:Zhu Honglv,Sun Linan

Author Affilications:China Telecom Research Institute,Shanghai 200122,China

Abstract:In order to promote the deployment and application of 5G home cell, and solve the clock synchronization problem in family scenarios, clock synchronization schemes of 4G home cell are studied, and the 5G PON-based(Passive Optical Network) clock synchronization scheme is proposed. Current schemes are compared with each other, and laboratory test results based on the PON synchronization scheme are illustrated. Finally, development recommendations for the clock synchronization scheme of the 5G home cell are summarized.
Key word:
home cell
clock synchronization

Research on 5G fronthaul transmission of indoor scene


Author:Du Zhe1,Wei Wei2,Zhang Dezhi1

Author Affilications:1.Research Institute of China Telecom Corp.,Ltd.,Shanghai 200122,China; 2.Shanghai Branch of China Telecom Corp.,Ltd.,Shanghai 200120,China

Abstract:The Ministry of Industy and Information Technology granted 5G licenses to relevant operators on June 6,2019, marking China′s entry into the first year of 5G commercialization. 5G is set to be a new round of disruptive revolution in information technology, with significant advantages including high speed, large capacity, and low delay. So it also puts forward some stringent technical requirements such as high bandwidth and low delay for 5G fronthaul network. Therefore,based on the comprehensive analysis of 5G new features of business and architecture, 5G carrying demand characteristics, etc., this paper proposes four kinds of prequel carrying solutions, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages and application scenarios, and summarizes suggestions on 5G fronthaul transmission solutions applicable to different scenarios.
Key word:
5G fronthaul network

Research on 5G indoor coverage co-construction and sharing technology


Author:Zhang Zhirong1,Li Xiao1,Li Zhijun2,Chen Jiangang2,Zhang Xin2

Author Affilications:1.China Telecom Research Institute,Beijing 102209,China; 2.China Telecom Group Co.,Ltd.,Beijing 100033,China

Abstract:Chinese operators respond to the strategic requirements of the State Council and promote co-construction and sharing of 5G infrastructure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Outdoor 5G sharing technology has matured, and trial operations have been carried out nationwide with good results. 5G construction will gradually infiltrate from wide outdoor coverage to indoor fine coverage, and efforts to explore 5G indoor coverage co-construction and sharing technologies and solutions are imperative. This article expounds the classification, technical solutions, evolution route, voice solution, indoor and outdoor collaboration and interference avoidance of 5G indoor coverage co-construction sharing.
Key word:
5G digital indoor system
co-construction and sharing
distributed pico site
indoor and outdoor coordination
interference avoidance

Virtualization scenario and application analysis based on 5G small base station


Author:Liu Haitao,Liu Yang,Yang Fengyi

Author Affilications:5G R&D Center,China Telecom Research Institute,Beijing 102209,China

Abstract:In the 5G era, with the development of small base stations based on general purpose servers, the virtualization of wireless access network using open technology provides a new direction for further improving the utilization rate and deployment efficiency of communication facilities. This paper firstly analyzes the structure of the new 5G small base station based on the general server and then analyzes the typical scenarios for deployment of the small base station. In the second part, the paper introduces the common characteristics and the applications of virtualization technology. Considering the current status of telecommunication industry of virtualization, the differences between the applications for virtualization infrastructure requirements are discussed, which is suitable for small base station for typical scenarios. The last part gives the analysis of complete virtualization platform architecture and future development prospect.
Key word:
small base station

Research on indoor private network scheme of 5G open small cell


Author:Fang Shaohu,Luo Manjiang,Kang Dong

Author Affilications:Comba Telecom Systems(China) Co.,Ltd.,Guangzhou 510663,China

Abstract:The diversified demand of vertical industry application brings about more abundant network construction mode. Small cell on 5G open platform have advantages such as openness, flexibility and cost performance, which will contribute to the efficient development of 5G infrastructure network construction. Based on the analysis of the challenges and trends of indoor coverage in 5G era, a solution of 5G digital indoor coverage based on open platform small base station is proposed to deal with the current situation, and its application in typical industries is discussed.
Key word:
small cell
digital indoor distribution
industry application

Review and Comment

Review of single event effects testing research for flash memories


Author:Huang Jiaoying,Wang Lequn,Gao Cheng

Author Affilications:Beihang University,Beijing 100191,China

Abstract:There has been increased importance for single event effects characterization of flash memories because of their wide application in space systems. This paper firstly summarizes the single event effects research progress as well as common single event effects during ion beams irradiation experiments of flash memories. These effects caused by both floating gate array and peripheral circuitry include single event upsets, single event functional interrupt and single event latch-up. Then we sum up the identification approaches, testing algorithms and testing procedures of common single event effects. This paper offers a reference for single event effects testing experiments of flash memories.
Key word:
flash memories
single event effects
testing approach
irradiation experiment

Development and prospect of LEO satellite Internet


Author:Wang Zijian,Du Xinjun,Yin Jiawei,Xuan Zhixiang

Author Affilications:The 32nd Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Shanghai 201808,China

Abstract:This article combs the origin,development and trends of satellite Internet, expounds the typical representatives and characteristics of satellite Internet development at home and abroad, and points out that the integration of satellite Internet with terrestrial 5G and the direct connection of ordinary personal mobile phones with satellite Internet are the future development trends. Accordingly, it points out that China should speed up the construction of a satellite Internet system covering the whole world, and puts forward relevant suggestions and considerations for the construction of satellite Internet.
Key word:
satellite Internet

Artificial Intelligence

Road crevice recognition based on Faster R-CNN


Author:Li Taiwen,Fan Xinwei

Author Affilications:School of Quality and Safety Engineering,China Jiliang University,Hangzhou 310000,China

Abstract:Traditional road crack recognition methods are based on R-CNN, SPPnet, HOG+SVM and other methods, but the recognition accuracy is low and the detection speed is slow. In view of these shortcomings, a road crack recognition method based on Faster R-CNN is proposed. Firstly, road crack images were collected to build Pascal VOC data set. Secondly, the TensorFlow deep learning framework developed based on Google trains the Faster R-CNN with data sets and analyzes various performance parameters. The experimental results show that the training loss can be reduced to 0.188 5 and the AP value can reach 0.780 2 in the case of 20 000 iterations, achieving good results.
Key word:
machine learning
deep learning
road cracks

Research and implementation of recognition algorithm based on matching layer fusion


Author:Li Aomei,Hu Zhenghao,Zhou Chuanchuan

Author Affilications:Department of Information and Communication Engineering,Army and Artillery Air Defense Force College,Hefei 230031,China

Abstract:This paper proposes an adaptive weighted fusion based on audio-video matching layer.In the case of different degree of noise, the recognition degree of image and sound will decrease with the increase of noise.And the weight of the two modes is different, the stability effect of the fusion system is also different.The adaptive weighted fusion of two modes can not only make up the advantages and disadvantages of different biological modes, but also choose the optimal weight to make the decision.Experiments show that the proposed method is feasible and has higher recognition rate and robustness than single mode identification.
Key word:
audio and video fusion
matching layer
adaptive weighting

Microelectronic Technology

Design of broadband low noise amplifier based on GaN HEMT


Author:Wang Huashu,Xiao Zhiming,Ma Wei,Hu Weibo

Author Affilications:College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering,Nankai University,Tianjin 300350,China

Abstract:A high linearity wideband low noise amplifier(LNA) was designed using a gallium nitride(GaN) high electron mobility transistor(HEMT) devices to meet the requirements of different communication standards. The LNA uses a two-stage resistor negative feedback structure. In order to achieve low noise, high linearity, wideband and small return loss, the lumped parameter components and microstrip line are used to optimize the input and output matching network of LNA. In the frequency range of 1 to 3 GHz, the simulation results show that the noise figure of the LNA is 2.39~3.21 dB, the input reflection coefficient is less than -10.6 dB, the output reflection coefficient is less than -17.9 dB, the gain is 23.74~25.68 dB, the gain flatness is less than ±0.97 dB, the output 1 dB compression point(OP1dB) is greater than 24.12 dBm, and the output third-order intercept point(OIP3) is greater than 36.55 dBm. The actual test gain is 22.08~26.12 dB, which is basically in accordance with the simulation results.
Key word:
low noise amplifier
gallium nitride
high electron mobility transistor
negative feedback

An operational transconductance amplifier with gain boosting and slew rate enhancement


Author:Wu Fenglin,Li Sizhen,Yu Kai,Zhang Guohao

Author Affilications:School of Information Engineering,Guangdong University of Technology,Guangzhou 510006,China

Abstract:The gain and the slew rate of conventional current-mirror operational transconductance amplifiers(OTAs) are seriously limited under low voltage and low power consumption conditions. To solve the problem, an OTA based on complementary flipped voltage follower(FVF) is proposed. By effectively increasing the transconductance and the output current, the proposed OTA improves the gain and the slew rate. The design and verification is performed under SMIC 0.18 μm CMOS process. The simulation results show that, at 1.8 V supply voltage, compared with the conventional current-mirror OTA which has the same static power consumption, the proposed OTA with complementary FVF improves the gain by 11 dB, enhances the unit gain bandwidth by 2 times, boosts the positive and negative slew rates by 6.7 and 6.1 times, respectively. The proposed OTA achieves a better performance than the OTA with single FVF.
Key word:
operational transconductance amplifier
gain boosting
slew rate enhancement
low voltage
low power

Function verification of AFDX network MAC IP core based on SVA


Author:Yan Fang1,2,3,Li Xiang2,3,Xu Shuangping2,3,Fan Yuyang1,2,3,Tian Yi1,2,3

Author Affilications:1.Civil Aircraft Airworthiness and Repair Key Laboratory of Tianjin,Civil Aviation University of China,Tianjin 300300,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Technology,Civil Aviation University of China,Tianjin 300300,China; 3.College of Airworthiness,Civil Aviation University of China,Tianjin 300300,China

Abstract:In recent years, with the increasing complexity of airborne SoC design, the application of integrated IP core has become more and more extensive. Therefore, how to effectively and accurately verify the functions of IP core has become a practical requirement in the aviation field. SVA was used to build a hierarchical verification platform for MAC IP core of AFDX network. Binding the assertions to the key points in the design under tested and inserting assertions into the verification platform could check the timing and integrity of test excitation. Then, coverage statistics were used to assess the completeness of the validation. The test results showed that the verification platform using SVA could locate the error source faster and more clearly when the error occurred at the function point that needed to be checked. That improved the efficiency and accuracy of IP core function verification in airborne SoC.
Key word:
functional verification
IP core

Research and design of a surge protection circuit


Author:Dong Dawei,Li Jiangling

Author Affilications:China Electronic Corporation,Beijing 100190,China

Abstract:Surge shock is one of the major reliability issues in electronic products. It causes damage to electronic products. This paper invesitgated and designed a new type of surge protection clamp circuit, which includes a reference and a feedback control. The reference circuit generates a reference voltage based on the source voltage when the source voltage exceeds the clamping voltage, and the feedback control circuit is used to receive the reference voltage and clamp the output voltage to the clamping voltage. Based on the simulations of Shanghua 0.18 μm CMOS process, the results show that the circuit achieves 38 V,27 V,18 V,10 V clamping. Compared with traditional TVS diodes, it has low leakage current and constant clamping voltage ,and on-resistance is close to zero.
Key word:
surge protection
clamp circuit
TVS diode
integrated circuit

Measurement Control Technology and Instruments

Design and implementation of commercial satellite auto-test platform


Author:Xu Jing1,2,Xing Sirui1,Diao Guoying1,Cheng Long1,Li Xiaoming1

Author Affilications:1.Changguang Satellite Technology Co.,Ltd.,Changchun 130000,China; 2.University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100000,China

Abstract:Comprehensive test is the necessary and key link of satellites′ development process. Traditional test system characterized with long development cycle, low universality, large size and complex connection has restricted the development of the commercial satellite industry seriously. PXI bus is the extension of the PCI in the field of instrument, which contributes to the construction of satellite auto-test platform by its graphical, modular, extensible software programming style and hardware integration way. Using PXI architecture and the wireless-connected technology, a design method of the auto-test platform for commercial satellite is proposed. The method has been verified during the mission of the satellite test work. Practices have proved that the test platform meets the requirements of the commercial satellites′ cost-effective, fast and stable test.
Key word:
ommercial satellite
network communication
auto-test platform

Design of pulse signal parameter measurement system based on SOPC


Author:Li Haisheng,Zhang Fan

Author Affilications:Electronic Information and Physics Department,Changzhi University,Changzhi 046011,China

Abstract:In order to improve the accuracy, integration and flexibility of the system, a pulse signal parameter measurement system based on system-on-a-programmable-chip(SOPC) is designed. The system realizes the frequency measurement by using the equal precision frequency measurement method, and the duty cycle and rise time measurement are realized by using the equivalent pulse counting method. The designed measurement system is programmable in hardware and software. After testing and verification, the system can realize the measurement of pulse signal frequency, duty cycle, amplitude and rise time. The measurement results have high accuracy, and the time measurement accuracy can reach 1 ns.
Key word:
pulse signal
parameter measurement
raise time

On-line monitoring device for insulation performance of high-voltage capacitive equipment based on DSP and on-line FCE


Author:Liu Zhijian,Zhao Haoyi,Liang Ning,He Wei

Author Affilications:Faculty of Electric Power Engineering,Kunming University of Science and Technology,Kunming 650504,China

Abstract:At present, the insulation testing of high-voltage capacitive equipment in substation mostly adopts regular and off-line experimental testing methods. And this method has some problems such as poor timeliness and low precision. This paper presents an on-line monitoring device for insulation of high-voltage capacitive equipment based on DSP. Firstly, the application of Fast Fourier Transform(FFT) in harmonic analysis is discussed according to the principle and method of insulation performance monitoring,and the limitation of traditional FFT transform is improved by adding Hanning Window. Then the multi-parameter fuzzy evaluation model of insulation performance based on analytic hierarchy process is established. Then the hardware and software part of the device is designed,including signal ADC sampling, FFT processing, SCI communication and HMI dialogue and other units. Finally, the device is tested in the high-voltage laboratory, and the results show that the device can obtain the running parameters of the equipment in real time and analyze the data online at the same time.
Key word:
capacitive device
insulation monitoring

Communication and Network

An optimization algorithm for target coverage in wireless sensor networks


Author:Xu Mengying,Lu Yi,Zhou Jie

Author Affilications:College of Information Science and Technology,Shihezi University,Shihezi 832000,China

Abstract:In order to optimize the number of successfully monitored targets in WSNs, a target coverage model is designed and an improved chaotic immune shuffled frog leaping algorithm(ICISFLA) is proposed. The chaotic sequence is used to initialize the frogs to increases the diversity of the population. The immune operator is used to select individuals with higher fitness in the population to inherit to the next generation. The mutation operator is used to improve the learning mechanism of the frog with the lowest fitness in the population. Moreover, the local optimal solution and the global optimal solution can be improved. In order to verify the performance of the proposed algorithm, it is compared with the particle swarm optimization(PSO) and genetic algorithm(GA). The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a faster convergence speed than GA and PSO. The number of successfully monitored targets optimized by ICISFLA has increased dramatically.
Key word:
wireless sensor networks(WSNs)
target coverage
shuffled frog leaping algorithm

Performance improvement algorithm of OFDM system based on GCML


Author:Jing Shiqi,Chen Zhao,Su Yuhang

Author Affilications:School of Mechanical and Electronic Information,China University of Geosciences,Wuhan 430000,China

Abstract:Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM), as a technology that will still play an important role in 5G, will be restricted to its further development due to its high PAPR. SLM algorithm is an important means to reduce PAPR, but it still has some shortcomings such as out-of-band interference and high peak value can′t be completely filtered out. In view of the above problems, a SLM-RCF combined algorithm based on GCML is proposed in this paper, the algorithm makes full use of the good correlation,orthogonality and aperiodicity of GCML to improve SLM algorithm to improve its anti-interference ability, and combines with the RCF algorithm to further filter out high peak value. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the combined algorithm can reduce the influence of out-of-band interference and further reduce the PAPR, at the same time, it can reduce the system bit error rate, and improve the reliability of system.
Key word:
orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
peak to average power ratio
selective mapping
globally couple map lattices

Co-existence analysis between 5G system and radionavigation service in 31.8~33.4 GHz


Author:Liu Yanjie,Chen Yuan,Zhao Yan′an

Author Affilications:Shaanxi Monitoring Station,the State Radio Monitoring Center,Xi′an 710200,China

Abstract:In order to determine the feasibility of additional allocations to the mobile services on a primary basis in the frequency band 31.8~33.4 GHz, this paper analyzes the electromagnetic compatibility between the 5th Generation(5G) international mobile telecommunications system and radionavigation service, which is the principal services according to regulations on the radio frequency allocation in the frequency band. The paper simulates the aggregated interference from the 5G base stations, adopts the latest parameters and the typical characteristics of radionavigation service, and calculates the interference probability in different scenarios. The simulation results show that the 5G base stations may cause harmful interference to radionavigation service, so it is not recommended to introduce mobile communication system in this frequency band.
Key word:
5G system
radionavigation service
co-existence analysis

Computer Technology and Its Applications

Typosquatting domain name generator based on deep learning


Author:Zou Kexin1,Chen Yanguang2,Shi Jinqiao1,Xu Rui3

Author Affilications:1.School of Cyberspace Security,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Beijing 100876,China; 2.Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Co.,Ltd.,Dongguan 523860,China; 3.National Computer System Engineering Research Institute of China,Beijing 100083,China

Abstract:For coping with typosquatting domain name attacks, a feasible idea is to actively find all typosquatting domain names and check the usage of these domain names. To this end, all possible typosquatting domain names need to be generated for the protected domain names. Based on the research on the types of typosquatting domain names, this paper designs and implements a typosquatting domain name generation tool. The tool includes a rule-based typosquatting domain name generation module and an LSTM neural network based on domain name suffix generation module. After practical tests, it is proved that the typosquatting domain name affixes generated by this LSTM neural network are similar to normal affixes.
Key word:
domain names
domain name generation

High performance inventory caching system based on memory mapping files


Author:Huang Xiangping1,2,Peng Mingtian1,2,Yang Yongkai1,2

Author Affilications:1.TravelSky Technology Limited,Beijing 101318,China; 2.Key Laboratory of Intelligent Passenger Service of Civil Aviation,Beijing 101318,China

Abstract:Traditional balance inventory query system uses memory database or embedded database as cache system. In high concurrent and intensive computing environment, the reading performance is difficult to meet the demand. A high-performance inventory caching system is designed, which uses memory mapping file technology to eliminate communication consumption between processes, reduce data copy and avoid interlocking between read and write operations, thus greatly improving the cache reading performance. Experiments show that this method improves the concurrent reading efficiency by more than two orders of magnitude.
Key word:
inventory query
memory database
embedded database
memory mapping files
high performance caching system

Power Management

A novel ultra-high voltage plasma power converter


Author:Zhang Di1,2,Zhang Donglai3,Wang Zicai1,Zhang Hua2,Zhang Ying4

Author Affilications:1.School of Astronautics,Harbin Institute of Technology,Harbin 150001,China; 2.Power Electronic & Motion Control Center,Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology,Shenzhen 518057,China; 3.Power Electronic & Motion Control Research Center,Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen,Shenzhen 518055,China; 4.Market & Strategy Department,Shenzhen Aerospace Dongfanghong HIT Satellite Ltd.,Shenzhen 518057,China

Abstract:High voltage plasma power supply is the key component of plasma generation system, which directly determines the performance. The traditional high voltage plasma power supply has the characteristics of large volume and weight, low efficiency, and cannot be loaded in the limited volume range of aerial vehicles, which is one of the difficulties for generating plasma. In this paper, ultra-high voltage DC power supply(UHVDC)is taken as the core problem, and a novel multi-voltage rectifier resonant converter is proposed, which improves the efficiency, reduces the weight and volume of the power supply system, and solves the problem of high voltage protection. Finally, the system is verified by 8 kW output power experiments, and its efficiency reaches 90%.
Key word:
multi-voltage rectifier
plasma power supply

The design of a multifunctional DC/DC converter based on magnetic isolation bidirectional transmission


Author:He Qifeng,Gao Donghui,Xu Chengbao

Author Affilications:The 43 Research Institute of CETC,Hefei 230088,China

Abstract:According to the requirement of spacecraft system for secondary power supply, a DC/DC converter circuit structure based on the feedback control of magnetic isolation bidirectional transmission is proposed for the aerospace high-power multifunctional DC/DC converter. Based on this circuit, the auxiliary functions such as over-current protection, forbidding and current sharing are developed. Through the actual test and verification, the product adopting this scheme has excellent performance indicators and good auxiliary functions.
Key word:
feedback control of magnetic isolation bidirectional transmission
over-current protection
current sharing
DC/DC converter