" AFDX Network Technology"related to papers

Abstract:The complexity of AFDX(Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet) protocol and aviation bus layout makes it is particularly important to establish a complete ground simulation test system. A good network simulation system provides physical simulation and ground test for the key network components, it′s greatly reducing the construction cycle of network and the maintenance cost of the system. This paper introduces a kind of design scheme of AFDX network simulation system which is established mainly on the end system and the switch and assisted by AFDX network equipment such as simulation, monitor, load and management. It discusses the various components of the simulation system in detail. Users can evaluate and understand AFDX network communication mechanism, principle and application through this platform, thoroughly understand AFDX network data flow, operation mode and working principle of equipment. It is useful to help users location the problem and resolve trouble shouting through simulation function.

Abstract:Because of monopolizing AFDX network core products, which seriously restricts the internal development of AFDX network technology. At the same time, the establishment of AFDX network product system integrity is a laborious effort. This paper provides the method of the module design of AFDX network end system chip. The end system module′s design and implementation process are based on combining of hardware and software. This module is embedded with end system SoC chip and provides PMC, PCI and CPCI host interface that it implements the AFDX network data communications. This product has been successfully used in the model project. It has many advantages, such as low power consumption, stable and reliable function,high domestic rate and high maturity. It breaks the monopoly of foreign products and realizes autonomous protection and autonomous control of AFDX network end system module.

Abstract:Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet(AFDX) end system core chip and technology are the key and foundation of realizing AFDX network communication. It is widely used in aviation field of network communication and control system. Based on the deeply analysis AFDX network bus protocol and communication mechanism, this paper provides a solution of AFDX End-system chip, and elaborates the End-system architecture, working principle and technical advantages. The AFDX network End-system SoC chip meets the design reguirements of miniaturization and low power consumption of the aviation system. The chip contains ARM922T processor, AFDX protocol processing terminal, double redundancy 10/100M AFDX MAC port and high-performance data transmission PCI bus based on DMA,and realizes the UDP/IP protocol stack on chip. The End-system SoC chip provides high-speed Internet for large aircraft airborne equipment terminal system.

Abstract:AFDX network meets the requirement of new generation avionics system,which has high real time capability, high-reliability and high-band width. The core protocol of AFDX network is ARINC664 Part7. The protocol has the fully system structure, the use of virtual link technology meets the requirements of high real time capability for the AFDX network, the redundant fault-tolerant mechanism is used to realize the high-reliability of AFDX network. This thesis analyzes end system and switch protocol in detail on the base of summarizing the AFDX network. The switch protocol includes key technology such as the police tube, filter and exchange of scheduling. It is the theoretics base for the design of AFDX network key protocol SoC and products.

Abstract:Aviation full duplex switched Ethernet(AFDX) uses commercial off-the-shelf(COTS) technology and open standards which on the basis of the traditional Ethernet, it is a kind of large and medium-sized aircraft integrated avionics system of interconnected communication star network, and becoming the best choice for the next generation of aviation data network. AFDX network makes use of robust, mature, high-speed commercial IEEE802.3 Ethernet standard communication principle and network structure which uses key technology such as full duplex, double redundancy fixed bandwidth allocation, virtual link, the redundancy management and integrity check in order to satisfy the avionics systems for high-bandwidth, low-latency, high-security, high-reliability, strong real time, deterministic communications service requirements. This paper further understands AFDX network background, analyzes the AFDX network topological structure, working principle and network features in detail, and illustrates the further development trend of AFDX network. All of this paper′s research is important for subsequent AFDX network research and engineering applications.