" Signal Conditioning Technology of Sensors"related to papers

Abstract:The intelligent deviation compensation calibration software of silicon piezoresistive sensor based on independent designed signal conditioning chip, using modern signal processing technology and applying C# developing language is introduced. That realized the visual operation and control of the core compensation chip, and overcame the weakness of compensating the temperature deviation of pressure transducer through hardware circuit. Calibrating at many temperature points and getting the compensating curve to obtain zero and temperature drift compensation data, solved the consistency of silicon piezoresistive sensor, temperature drift and nonlinear problems. The result shows: the system works reliable, the output accuracy of the transducer that applying high precision temperature compensation algorithm improves a lot, the output signal between -55 ℃ and 125 ℃ has a good linear relationship with pressure, the measuring accuracy of pressure parameters attains within 0.6%.

Abstract:In sensor system, for getting the precise data, the signal from sensor must be compensated and processed. Signal conditioning chip of sensors is just about it. The article proposes some application solutions for signal conditioning chip, based on the existing chips. These solutions make compensation, calibration, and loop-power come true. Meanwhile, the article expatiates these solutions used in system by some typical cases. Comparing with traditional ways and means of signal conditioning, these solutions uses less accessories and depresses power. They can be used in operator, instrumentation amplifier and so on. They are able to meet various products′ need.

Abstract:The intrinsic of non-linearity output and temperature drift for resistance sensor has a strong impact to the entire system accuracy and seriously limited its application. Due to the disadvantages of area, power and weight of conventional solution . Base on the compensation research of the resistance sensor, a sensor signal conditioner chip has been designed and implemented and further more the compensation algorithm has been investigated and finally integrated into the user software.The measurement shows that,a good linearity performance of output versus the measured pleasure was observed at temperature range from -55 ℃~150 ℃,the total error is less than 0.2%. This new efficient way by design and implementation of sensor signal conditioner chip has been realized which make the sensor system more impact and more accurate.

Abstract:Resistive sensor in military and industrial control field is widely used. With the development of microelectronics technology, resistive sensor conditioning circuitry also build towards an integrated and intelligent direction from the rapid development of independent components. This paper first to domestic resistive sensors commonly used treatment methods were analyzed , and then to the current foreign resistive sensors measurement circuit are summarized , and finally introduces a new type of domestic HKA2910 resistive sensor control chip , and sums up the domestic resesrch of resistive sensor processing chip of great significance in the field of military and industrial.

Abstract:As one of the three IT bases, sensor technology has been widely utilization in all fields. But the intrinsic error of non-linearity output and temperature drift for resistance sensor has a strong impact to the entire system accuracy and seriously. So, the system must have temperature compensation and linear calibration. There are many deficiencies in hardware and software compensation method of resistance sensor. With the continuous development of sensor technology, new conditioning methods are constantly emerging. They greatly improve the system accuracy and versatility, to further reduce system power consumption and volume. Sensor conditioning technology will develop to intelligent, miniaturization and multifunction.