" GJB288A Bus"related to papers

Abstract:The traditional 1553 module was mainly adopted to design of the DIP encapsulation protocol handler,timer and transceiver, PCB board weight big, high power consumption, poor reliability and maintainability,it is difficult to meet the needs of new weapons and equipment of small, low, light and other requirements. This paper proposes a high-speed GJB289A bus based on independent positive(1~10 Mb/s) 1553 module of SoC chip design,software design. This paper expounds the SoC chip based on GJB289A bus 1553 module design and implementation process, and put forward the technical advantages of the module. The module is an integrated terminal SoC chip of GJB289A bus communication equipment,realize the BC/RT function of GJB289A bus. The module has been through a model of unmaned aerial vehicle to finalize the design process, low power consumption, function stable and reliable performance, strong portability, high integration, high maturity, bus design of airborne avionics system, has been successfully used in a variety of models.

Abstract:Traditional GJB289A bus node adopted separate devices to realize the corresponding function, thre are varieties, low maintainability, large volume, high power consumption,this design of HKS1553BCRT chips using SoC technology will processor, protocol handler on-chip integration of resources such as memory, can greatly reduce the power consumption of the system is reduced to one eighth of the original, reduced size is reduced to a quarter of the original, reduced weight is reduced to one sixth of the original, and improve the system reliability, the transfer rate of 1~10 Mb/s, satisfy design requirements of the airborne/defense GJB289A bus BC/RT node. HKS1553BCRT chip architecture is expounded in detail in this paper, the function definition,working principle and design method of each module,through multi-level, multiangle, prove chip features stable performance, the chip has been finalize the design process, high maturity, high integration, reliability improved significantly.

Abstract:With the development of the data bus technology and the widespread application, the system need to consider factors in the process of design is becoming more and more, which not only include cost and transaction of system design, but also include the system applied in the process of technology maturity, stability, reliability, system realtime performance and robustness. In this paper, a high-speed GJB289A data bus system, analyzes the topology design, design of BC、RT、and bus control, the design of key technologies such as bus ICD design, bus communication control table configuration, bus communication simulation,bus test, the bus monitor, remote terminal, repeater, a full range of application solutions, high technical maturity, this system has been a certain type airborne bus communication experiment, stable, reliable, multifunctional and convenience and easy to operate, to provide users with good human interface interface,which can realize high-speed GJB289A bus half physical configuration/simulation/monitor//relay/performance analysis, can assist to complete the airborne avionics, validation, and comprehensive.

Abstract:The GJB289A bus application protocol for data definition,use,and the way of system definition are illustrated, clear the GJB289A data bus system in the process of application data word format and message format definition, media design method, design method of terminal and system control design method for the content, but with the application of the GJB289A data bus system, there is a bus system topology selection,the design of the system bus terminal, bus system control strategy, bus performence assessment and other issues. This article analyze the GJB289A bus protocol of the practical application, the study of bus scheduling policy,the emphasis on improved static bus control protocol(ISBC)application and principle of the GJB289A data bus system development,applied research has played a guiding role.

Abstract:GJB289A data bus is mainly used in military equipment field of electronic information, with high transmission reliability, using simple and flexible characteristics, has become China′s air force in active service the main advanced avionics data bus. With the development of avionics systems, standards of GJB289A bus (1 Mb/s) have been unable to meet the demand of high-speed communication development, the need to develop high-speed GJB289A data bus.