" Measurement and Control Technology of Bus Network"related to papers

Abstract:AFDX high-speed flight network system needs real-time sampling key parameters, so research and development of a high-speed, real-time and high reliability AFDX data acquisition are particularly important. This paper presents a FPGA-based data acquisition designed to take full account of the specific AFDX network technology, such as integrity checking, redundancy management, virtual link, bandwidth isolation and traffic shaping. It has achieved real-time collection of network data, parameter selection and data forwarding functions. By the test of AFDX data acquisition,it is proved that the equipment has the characteristics of versatility, high reliability, real-time, high speed data processing and so on. The data collector which is fully meet the application requirements of the AFDX network data acquisition has completely independent intellectual property rights, and provides a strong guarantee for the development of the nationalization and the flight test of large aircraft.

Abstract:1394 bus is a bus standard with flexible, high speed and extensible. In order to ensure the correctness of the function, performance, protocol conformance and system application reliability of the 1394 bus in a new generation of aerospace system, it is a necessary mean to make a system testing for the bus system. A logic circuit used to analyze 1394 bus data is proposed in this paper, which embedded in the hardware of a 1394 bus analyzer, can realize monitoring, analyzing and storing the data from a 1394 bus, and then analysis results can be get through the host interface of the hardware. By the 1394 system integration testing and the mission of fighting test, it is indicated that the logic circuit can monitor and analyze the 1394 bus effectively, and be of great significance in the development of aerospace 1394 bus system.

Abstract:The FC simulation and verification system provides an effective way for construction of FC network. This paper introduces the process of the construction of the FC simulation system and the solutions of the key technologies such as the related data transceiver, exchange, monitoring, analysis, collection and record of the key technologies in details. FC simulation and verification system provides the basis system of theory, solutions of system and test verification platform for application of FC network technology.

Abstract:ARINC659 is a Muti-node and serial communication bus,which has the time desterminability on bus transfer. When the bus system is apply to in the process of communication,in order to guarantee its high fault tolerance, high redundant flexibility and high reliability,it is very important to have the bus fully tested,which can also ensure the reliable usage of bus system safety. This paper offers the test platform for ARINC659 bus. On this basis,from physical layer and data link layer,this paper conducts a comprehensive research and analysis on ARINC659 bus,which is of great significance to import the reliability of bus system.

Abstract:With the development of the aviation electronic technology, the original 1 Mb/s bus transmission rate has been unble to meet the requirements of the airborne bus data transmission, high-speed GJB289A data bus technology arises at the historic moment. In order to guarantee the correctness of the functionality and performance of high-speed GJB289A data bus, conformity of the bus protocol and the reliability of communication system, the test method of the research on high-speed GJB289A bus system is very necessary. This paper mainly realizes the research of high-speed GJB289A bus system test method from three aspects of electrical characteristics, protocol conformance and system communication, and introduces the high-speed GJB289A bus system set up test platform and test method, which lay the foundation for subsequent high-speed GJB289A bus system design, exploitation and development.