" 2016 IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits and Microsystems"related to papers

Abstract:Because of the requirement for the muliband reconfigurable filter in communication field,this artical designed a compact frequency reconfigurable band-pass filter based on the E shape resonator loaded varactor, which verified through HFSS13.0. Analyzing the E shape dual-mode resonator by odd-even mode analytical method, by changing the bias voltage values of the loading condenser to control the even mode resonant length, the first pass-band adjustable range reach to 18.2%(1.6 GHz~1.92 GHz), and making the absolute bandwidth stay in a constant state at 60 MHz with controling external quality factor by changing the length of feeder and slit at the same time, the second pass-band(2.25 GHz) remain unchanged, the results of the processed object measurement and the simulation are relatively consistent.

Abstract:Based on the features of residue number systems(RNS) and modular multipliers, a high speed architecture which is more suitable for design high speed modulo(2n-2p-1)multipliers is proposed. Leveraging the novel partial production reduction tree, we eliminate the complicated correction components which is introduced to correct negative number without performance loss. On the other hand, At the cost of two Carry Save Adders(CSAs) on the critical path, we reduce the delay of a 2n-bit binary adder. Compared with the current modulo(2n-2p-1)multipliers, synthesized results in which based on 90 nm process technology demonstrate that the proposed(2n-2p-1)multipliers can achieve a 10.4%~49% delay saving.