" Industrial Internet"related to papers

Abstract:With the rapid development of China′s manufacturing industry, intelligent and networked, a scientific protection program is particularly important. This paper introduces the current situation of network use of a company from the perspectives of risk status, risk identification, communication security hazards, etc., and analyzes its characteristics and existing security risks. A well-designed information security protection scheme is proposed, which makes the network protection of the entire company more secure through the design of a well-established network architecture and a reasonable supervision mechanism.

Abstract:Embedded authentication technology is the author′s patented technology.The innovative product based on embedded certification is a new method for the protection of the core area of industrial control systems. Following the PKI and IPK cryptosystems, embedded authentication is implemented on the industrial switch, and the SM2 asymmetric algorithm is applied to the terminal access authentication process. This paper with the main source code introduces the implementation method and technical details of the switch embedded authentication server and Windows/Linux authentication client.

Abstract:Aiming at the complexity and particularity of the production environment of the steel industry, this paper designs a NB-IoT metallurgical node temperature acquisition and remote monitoring system. The system is based on the AD8495 amplifier processing K-type thermocouple cold junction compensation to complete the on-site temperature and other parameters acquisition, STM32 node linearization algorithm processing, communication with remote computer through Modbus and NB-IoT network data transmission, and based on LabVIEW host computer remote monitoring and safety management of blast furnace channel special environment. Experiments show that compared with the traditional single local monitoring, the system makes full use of the advantages of NB-IoT technology, with local and remote synchronous real-time monitoring and low cost, wide coverage, wireless multi-connection and so on.

Abstract:With the deepening of the theory and application of artificial intelligence technology, industrial manufacturing is expected to become the key field of its application.In order to provide reference and guidance for formulating industrial intelligence development policies in China,this paper analyses the technical mechanism of industrial (artificial) intelligence in solving industrial problems and establishes an algorithm-application analysis system.Focusing on the representative vertical industries,we also study the application examples and characteristics of industrial intelligence.And finally,our team expound the current situation and development trend of industrial intelligence-related industries.